I’ve been working with Dani Beyer over the past 4 years and I can honestly say that I’m very impressed with the level of knowledge and exceptional customer service I have received. I’ve attended numerous annual client appreciation events that were very well planned and overall very good networking opportunities. We also receive frequent newsletters with great home maintentance tips each season! Recently my local municipality reassessed the value of our home at an astonishing 14% increase. I reached out to Dani for help and she quickly pulled a few price comparisons of homes in my neighborhood to assist with contesting the counties assessment. Thanks to Dani, I was successful in my appeal and didn’t have to spend $300 on an appraisal! Dani and her team are highly recommended if you are looking for a quality real estate agent. Their commitment to customer service is absolutely outstanding and they do an amazing job at staying in touch with their clients! Thanks Dani, for all your help and expertise over the years.

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