Here are a handful of tips for you to prepare your home for this summer!

We know you are busy during the summer and its almost too hot to do anything “maintenance” related in your free time. Below is a list of simple tips to keep your summer home on its a-game.

Lawn Care & Gardening
•Mow: Don’t mow your grass too short. Allowing the grass to grow about 3 inches helps it survive the summer heat.
•Water your lawn: 1 inch of water per week is recommended.
•Prune the plants: Remove the wilted leaves and dead branches to assist with new growth. Pinch off the spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming.
•Water your garden: Keep plants perky, even on the hottest days of summer with a smart watering routine. For starters, always water in the morning, as overnight dampness can cause rot and mold.

Deck Check
•Replace any boards that are curling or rotting.
•Ensure deck supports are in good shape and free of insect infestation. Call a pest control company if needed.
•Stain or reseal as needed. Prepping the deck by power washing, completely drying, removing the finish or seal with the proper products, and letting it dry again before applying new stain or sealant is a must!

Clean and service your AC unit: Also consider purchasing a thermostat that will help you conserve energy with your heating and cooling systems. Check out

Flush your hot water tank: Sediment builds up in the tank over the years and can cause rust and inefficiencies. Call a plumber every few years to drain the tank and remove the sediment.

Clean Exhaust fans: Be sure to turn off the electricity to the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. Remove the vent covers and soak them in warm, soapy water. Wipe down the fan blades. Let everything dry completely before putting the vent covers back on.

Clean your carpets: Summer is a great time to have your carpets cleaned, so many companies have special summer deals. Be sure to let the areas that are cleaned dry completely before moving the furniture back.

Check your locks: Summertime means vacations and day trips, but with empty homes comes an increased risk of burglary. So check the locks on all of the doors and windows in your home. Replace any broken ones, especially if you are planning to travel.


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