Meet investor friendly real estate agent in Kansas City, Dani Beyer Real Estate.

Have you always wanted to get a start in real estate investing? Have you recently come into a large sum of money and are looking for a smart way to invest it? Are you wanting to build a college fund for your child? Have you been in the real estate investing game for a long time and are ready to find a more investor friendly real estate agent in Kansas City to work with? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we at Dani Beyer Real Estate want to be your solution.

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We take pride in the relationships that we have with our investor clients. We’ve been able to secure many multi-family units, new builds and upscale residential homes for corporate renters or temporary high-end renters, along with smaller flips or starter homes for new investors. 

Besides giving you solid proof and numbers about the above information, here are some other ways that we stand out as an investor friendly real estate agent in Kansas City.:


We offer you access to an investor database.

Get first dibs on the best investment properties in the Kansas City metro. Along with access to the experienced agents on our team, this database is working for you while we’re sleeping (the ONLY time we’re not working for you – and we hardly sleep, so don’t worry).

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We bring experience and resources to the table.

We know what investors are looking for because we have successful investors on our team with loads of experience. We’ll bring a list of both on and off-market properties. We can recommend renovation contractors, management companies and many other vendors to help you reach your goal.

We are highly ranked and respected.

Being ranked #10 in the entire state of Missouri by units and #12 by volume according to RealTrends (which identifies the country’s largest and most successful agents and firms), shows how connected and trusted we are. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and across other social media and home search sites. 

If a little research on us and the information we provided here feels like enough to lock in your decision for your investor friendly real estate agent in Kansas City, please reach out to us. We will be excited to partner together on your real estate investing ventures! | + posts