Major renovations won’t necessarily make selling your home a profitable exercise. Learn what bumps up your sale price.You’ve decided to sell your home, and with every person you mention it to, you get more advice about what will fetch the best price. “Be sure to paint everything,” says a neighbor. “They’ll be looking at that roof,” a friend advises. “That kitchen needs updating,” says another. You want selling your home to be a success, but do you really need to start soliciting bids for a kitchen remodel?

Don’t Automatically Assume That Renovation is the Answer. Even if you’re staring at chipped metal cabinets from the 1940s, don’t assume that a full kitchen or bath remodel is the way to get a good price for your home. Many sellers mistakenly pour big money into a renovation, only to find out that they can’t expect to recoup the cost in the sale. You may get most of the money back, but don’t expect a major remodel to be a profitable investment.

Your Best Investment for Selling Your Home? A Good Agent. An agent, from Dani Beyer Real Estate, provides immeasurable benefits. Not only will they help you figure out which upgrades and repairs will bump up your sales price, but they’ll get the word out about your sale in all the right places. They’ll also offer a critical process for pricing your home at exactly the right amount to ensure a fast sale at the highest possible price.

A good agent also brings expertise in many areas that, when there’s a misstep, could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Insight into inspections and negotiating repairs are important assets when selling your home.

Make Repairs and Small Upgrades, Then Clean Like Crazy. Small repairs, such as fixing a broken window, plastering an obvious crack in a wall or stopping a dripping faucet all go a long way in securing a good price for your home. You can also create a clean, bright and neutral impression by painting your interior walls.

Focus on curb appeal, planting a few flowers, trimming trees and weeding the landscaping. If your garage door is looking shabby, consider painting.

Once these small repairs and upgrades are finished, focus on clearing out clutter and cleaning your home. Think about removing any furniture and belongings that may prevent a potential buyer from imagining living there. This is a good time to relocate your Beatles memorabilia or treasured cheetah-patterned accent chair.

Selling your home is a bit of a dance between investing for a good price and avoiding unnecessary spending. That’s where an experienced agent from Dani Beyer Real Estate comes in. We can help you determine what will boost your selling price and what will amount to wasted resources. Contact us at Dani Beyer Real Estate to get started. | + posts