Check out this video to learn about the things you should be comparing when searching for a home warranty, and why HWA is our go-to home warranty choice!

Hi this is Rian Poythress with HWA Home Warranty and we are here for part 3 of our video series on the wonderful world of home warranties. Today what I want to talk with you guys a little bit about is how to choose a home warranty, and then what sets us apart. One of the biggest things about choosing a home warranty is knowing the limitations of that warranty. If two companies say they cover something – we both cover it – what’s important to go through and kind of figure out is how much of that are they covering, what are those limitations. I think that’s the biggest thing whenever you’re going through home warranties is to look up not only what they cover, but what are the limitations on those coverages. One of the things that’s great is that if you’re working with a team like Dani Beyer Real Estate is that they’ve already done the work for you. They’ve gone through, they’ve vetted home warranty companies and they’ve built relationships with a company, like mine – HWA, so that you can feel safe and comfortable whenever you’re choosing that home warranty.
As far as HWA, some of the things that we offer that set us apart are we do have a 13 month warranty – which is a nice option. We do offer also the re-key option. Once you get into the house one of the first claims that you’re going to place is going to be that re-key option. We’ll come in, and for your deductible, we will change 6 locks and give you 4 new keys so that you’re all set up and safe in that home. One of the other things, probably the biggest thing – of course I can say this – is that you guys have a local rep with HWA, which is me! I am here to help support you through the process of your claim and of owning a home warranty in general. Those are the things that really set us most apart. I look forward to getting to work with you in the future and I thank you for taking the time to watch these videos!

Rian Poythress
Account Executive
HWA Home Warranty

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