Where do I begin?? Well, how about spring 2018, in our car, somewhere in the mid-Ohio area, as we were driving from Connecticut to the Kansas City area to drop my partner off for his new job which was moving us to the midwest. I was going out with him for a few days to get him settled in to his rental and to check out the area. We’d just gotten word that our house in CT was under contract and we now – OMG – had to find a place in Kansas City.

Naturally, I looked on Zillow to see who had the best reviews and Rochelle popped up to the top of the list. I reached out to her by email saying “yeah so we’ll be in town tomorrow and are wondering if you can show us some houses” thinking she’d read the email, laugh, and delete it. Nope. She IMMEDIATELY responded and said she’d love to help us. “Send me some of the listings you’re interested in and I’ll get it all set up.” She literally did this in a day, and was ready to meet us first thing in the morning on the day we arrived (which, if I recall, was a Sunday). She was efficient, knowledgeable and so friendly – I felt like we were in amazing hands and wasn’t at all stressed even though we were moving across the country and needed to find a house in one of the hottest markets around, in less than one month. (EEK) Rochelle made sure to understand what we were looking for and was fine chauffeuring us ALL OVER Kansas City to see properties.

When I say all over, I mean it. She didn’t push us to one area or another, and she seemed to know a bit about all the towns which helped us narrow down our search parameters. During this first visit we saw several properties and she helped us understand what we’d be dealing with in the KC market. It’s VERY different from Connecticut where houses move slowly (in our area, anyway). It was clear that once we found a house we liked we needed to move fast. We didn’t land on any decisions on that first visit but I flew back out about two weeks later and we did another two days of intensive house hunting.

We made an offer on one in Kearney about three days after it went on the market but lost out to one of the other many offers that came in at the same time. We made another offer on a home in Bonner Springs, KS that we ultimately withdrew because another house in Pleasant Hill, MO came onto the market that was perfect. Rochelle drove the one hour down to meet my partner at the home on pretty much a moment’s notice, and worked with him to put an offer in immediately. We had to compete with six other offers, but ended up getting the house!

Rochelle was amazing – she did so much legwork to make sure everything that needed to be done was done to perfection. And she was night and day as far as responsiveness and tenacity when compared to the “top” realtor who had listed our house in Connecticut. We loved working with Rochelle and I absolutely cannot say enough good things about her. Five stars is not enough!

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