This wraps up 19 years as Dani Beyer Real Estate.

What a dream! From Dani doing a complete career shift and starting on her own in 2004 to building one of the strongest teams in the Kansas City Metro, it’s truly an honor and joy to serve all the families entrusting with their important home journey.

Let’s take a look at the 2023 statistics and let the numbers speak for themselves!

Our Ranking

For the past 5+ years, our team has ranked in the top 1% of the Kansas City Metro realtors (now over 16,000+ realtors). 2023 is not different. The most current ranking shows us in the top 10. We are very proud of this ranking. Our team is certainly not the biggest in this category, so we are working hard against a lot more man/woman power than other teams. We hope you see that this shows not only our dedication to our craft but to our clients. You’re the reason we work this hard!

Our Clients

This year, we were honored to serve 166 families and individuals. Look at it this way: almost every other day we were working on some sort of home closing, whether it was representing a buyer or a seller. We were proud to represent 98 buyers this year and 68 home sellers.

DBRE Average Days on Market

While the average days a Kansas City home is on the market has been around 43 days this year, Dani Beyer Real Estate continues to stand above average. Our average days on market was just 15. That is almost a month less than the average MLS listing in KC.

We know the market changed from the previous couple years and that wild seller’s market, but two weeks is still better than many (and that’s just the average! We know many of our homes sold faster than that.).

DBRE List to Sales Price Ratio

The list to sales price ratio means you list your house for one price and you get a certain percentage of that asking price. Of course any seller (and real estate agent) would like that ratio to be 100% or more of the sale price, and in the last couple years, that was certainly the result. However, this year, the MLS list to sales price was 95.8%. Drum roll please…the Dani Beyer Real Estate list to sales price ratio was 100.0013% (that’s right – we won’t leave out that .0013). On average, our sellers received their full asking price for their homes. We can negotiate and present strong listing photos, open houses and marketing packages.

Overall Sales Volume

Our team sales volume for 2023 was $60,519,050.93 (again, the .93 is quite important 🙂 We are extremely proud of this number. On average, the Kansas City metro home sales price is $342,891. Not only are we helping families buy and sell the average home, we’re helping with fixer uppers, investments, starter homes, new build and luxury real estate. We cover the gamut for our clients, and we are happy to do so. 

So if you’re thinking of listing your home or buying a home in 2024, work with a top real estate agent and team in Kansas City who will be the best at what they do. We strongly believe Dani Beyer Real Estate will keep rising to the top, and we have you, Kansas City and our clients to thank and to continue to serve.

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