Most of us have our own version of what the American dream looks like, and we would bet to guess that for many of you, it includes living in your dream home in a dream community. Well, there’s a TV show about that. Crazy enough, it’s called The American Dream

If you haven’t heard of The American Dream, it’s an Emmy-nominated, national television show highlighting lifestyle and real estate in your city. Between preferred  major network cable affiliates and streaming channels such as Amazon, Apple TV and the AD app; the American Dream collectively shows to more than 8 Million Viewers nationwide every week. Our own Dani Beyer has been selected as one of the hosts and lifestyle experts of the upcoming series in Kansas City! 

The American Dream: Selling Kansas City will feature a handful of top real estate professionals who will be highlighting local businesses and influential community members along with the KC lifestyle, and of course, incredible homes for sale.

In fact, we are looking for clients who want to sell their home with the added free marketing of featuring your home on one of our episodes! All you have to do is nominate yourself through our simple submission form, and we’ll reach out to ask more questions or let you know if you’ve been chosen.


Dani’s almost two decades of real estate experience and the fact she’s a lifelong Kansas City native make her a real estate agent you can trust. She’s been a licensed agent since 2004 and started building her team of experts over five years ago.

Dani Beyer Real Estate is one of the most tech savvy real estate teams in Kansas City. Her background is in computer science so we’ve always been ahead of the tech curve. This means we utilize a variety of methods including video chat, texting, social media and digital document signing to keep things moving fast no matter where you live. We pride ourselves in helping you find the home of your dreams with our experts, even if you can’t be here to experience it yourself.

Dani Beyer Real Estate has been ranked #10 in the entire state of Missouri by units and #12 by volume according to RealTrends, which identifies the country’s largest and most successful agents and firms.

We are clearly passionate about what we do and passionate about where we’re doing it. “Selling Kansas City” is going to showcase all of that, and we’re excited for you to join us on the ride! Be sure to pay close attention to our social media channels and website to find out when the first episode will be airing! | + posts