Some Top Reasons You May Be Having Trouble Selling Your Home

You’ve heard it more times than you can count in recent years: it’s a seller’s market. Although inventory is rising in certain markets and buyers are gaining a bit more time to look at homes, for the most part, seller’s still have the main advantage. So then, why are you having trouble selling your home?

Even in a seller’s market, you will have a hard time attracting a buyer if you make one or more of the most common mistakes in home sales:

Your price is too high. This is one of the most common reasons that homes sit too long in a seller’s market. It may be that your price is reasonable, except that you’ve got wall-to-wall carpet full of stains and a bathroom or two that are sorely in need of an update. Buyers expect a discount for the work and money they’ll need to put into a new home. You may have also priced it too high because you’re letting emotions guide you, rather than a qualified real estate agent. Dani Beyer Real Estate compares your home to others recently sold in the area to zero in on the perfect price that gets you the most possible money while selling your home fast.

Image by stallinglama from Pixabay

Your presentation needs a boost. In today’s market, the online presentation is critical in getting potential buyers over to your property. Failing to hire a professional photographer or failing to have your home truly ready to be photographed are major missteps in your sales process. Hire a professional cleaning team and enlist your best buddy to help you weed out clutter and extra furniture, then send it out to a storage locker. Your professional photos of your home can be further enhanced by the touch of a professional staging team, who works to make your home appealing to a wide range of buyers with the right décor and furniture.

You aren’t marketing enough. It’s not enough to just stick a sign in a yard. You need a realtor behind you that has a full marketing plan ready to ensure you have no trouble selling your home. Beyond getting your listing on MLS, there should be social media posts, open houses, paid ads and more. 

You can also sabotage your sales process by being too restrictive on when your home can be shown, by requiring too much lead time for a showing or by not making your home bright and welcoming when it’s time for a showing. Always say “yes” to a showing unless it’s absolutely impossible. Then, open the shades, clear away any dishes or laundry and present your home in its best possible light.

Even in a seller’s market, selling your home is both an art and a science. Dani Beyer Real Estate brings the expertise you need to your selling process, establishing the best price from the start and ensuring your home moves into contract quickly. Contact us to get started on your home-selling process! | + posts