Rochelle Townsend is A-MAZING. She took us through a ridiculous amount of homes in two days in preparation for our cross-country move last September. We signed a contract and went back to Michigan, leaving Rochelle to handle many of the details for us. She met the inspector, arranged for bids on inspection items, and then walked us through canceling our contract when the sellers became unreasonable. Rochelle then walked us through the next possible home, facetiming us to give us a virtual walk-through because we were still in Michigan and unable to come back and search again. We went under contract on that house, and again, she handled the inspection, the negotiations for the new roof, and getting many small issues handled by the sellers prior to us moving in. To cap it off, Rochelle had to deal with talking our sellers out of walking because our buyers in Michigan missed TWO closing dates due to their own idiocy, and forced us to delay twice here. We finally closed at the beginning of December and moved in on December 22. She was the voice of reason in managing a hugely, stressful situation, exacerbated by problems out of her hands in another state, and she was gracious and amazing in all the hard moments. I cannot recommend her enough. | + posts