To sell your home fast, de-clutter and remove personal items, such as family pictures or collectibles.Sell Your Home With These Tips

You’re about to put your house on the market, and you look around. You’ve loved living here, so why wouldn’t someone else? Then you notice the chips in the paint on the doorframes and how outdated your forest green and burgundy wallpaper must look. You’re on a limited budget, but what are a few things you can do to sell your home at the best possible price and get it moved off the market quickly?

  1. Do some drive-by shopping. If you can’t be unbiased, ask your most honest friend to drive by your home and give you their impressions. How’s the curb appeal? Start by cleaning up the landscaping, then add a few welcoming elements such as potted flowers and a fresh coat of paint on the front door. If you’re also beginning to shop for a new home, take note of what types of features appeal to you as you look around at the front exterior of houses.
  2. Put on your home’s little black dress. Your little black dress goes with everything, so take this concept to your house and make it a home that goes with every buyer. New, neutral paint and updated hardware can help buyers imagine themselves living in your home. Invest in some new towel racks, cabinet hardware and doorknobs to make your home ready for showings. Get rid of anything that’s typical of another decade, such as a duck motif from the 90s, and pull down dated wallpaper before you paint.
  3. De-clutter, de-personalize and pack it up. Start packing up your house, and start with items that are personal, such as family photos or your giant college flag in the man cave. Pack these items and store them out of sight to give your home a clean, spacious feel. Dani Beyer Real Estate offers staging services, so your home will be in its best shape for showings.
  4. Update the lighting. This is a relatively small investment that has big returns. If you’ve got dated ceiling fans with cane webbing on them from the 80s or you went a little overboard on the colorful pendant lights a few years ago, this is a good area of focus for you. Light rooms appropriate to their uses, with direct lighting in a reading nook and softer options for bigger areas.
  5. Erase evidence of pets. Just because you can’t smell your pets doesn’t mean you’ll fool a buyer. To sell your home quickly, you’ll want to invest a little time in hiding litter boxes, plugging in a few air fresheners and putting food and toys in a tucked-away place. Vacuum frequently to keep pet hair at a minimum, and if you have a dog, be sure to pick up in the yard before every showing so guests’ primary memory of your home won’t be cleaning their shoes afterward.
  6. Check your home’s backyard benefits. Besides basic landscaping, deck repair and tidying up, think about what your backyard can offer in terms of extended living space. If you don’t have nice lawn furniture, purchase or borrow a set that invites potential buyers to see the space as an area for entertaining or relaxing. Dani Beyer Real Estate can help you make the most of your yard to appeal to buyers.

Here’s what one client had to say about their experience with Dani Beyer Real Estate just a few weeks ago:

Dani and team were exceptional!! We had a specific date we wanted to list our home, we reached out to Dani three months prior to that date, she never rushed us. She didn’t neglect us either, she touched base without pressing. Dani knew the neighborhood well, as she’s sold several houses. Dani went on vacation and Melissa stepped in. Melissa never missed a beat. She would respond to calls and texts immediately. When we received an offer, Dani stepped in to help out to get us the best deal. I look forward to working with them again when we decide to purchase our next home!

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