The value of your home can get a serious boost by simply knocking down a wall to give a modern, open feel.Where and How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Does increasing the value of your home always mean a major kitchen remodeling project, or can you give a boost simply by removing garden gnomes and applying a fresh coat of paint? This murky topic can tie home sellers in knots, making them wonder if it’s better to replace carpet with hardwood or if they would get more mileage out of a finished basement.

While some factors are simply defined by what the market is demanding at the moment, there are a few upgrades that will always improve the value of your home, and you’re likely to enjoy them while you wait for your offer:

Increase Square Footage: More space always equals more money, but even if you don’t want the disruption of a major renovation or your yard isn’t big enough to handle a house expansion, there are things you can do to mimic more space:

  • Knock down a wall. Don’t do this on a whim, because you may find your second floor coming down on your head, but the removal of a non-load bearing wall can open up your house and modernize the feel of it.
  • Rearrange spaces. Have you always used your dining room as an office? Transition it back to its original purpose for a more universal, spacious appeal.
  • Build into an attic or basement. This is a lot easier on your budget than adding to the footprint of your house, and it serves as a nice surprise when potential buyers come to see the property.
  • Create an outdoor experience. Adding outdoor living space may only require a weekend project of laying a patio or adding some comfortable furniture to an existing deck. Surround the area with potted plants and cushions to make it even more inviting.

Improve Efficiency: Whether it’s an energy efficient refrigerator, replacing a drafty window or going all out with solar panel installation on your roof, green choices will increase the value of your home. Younger generations purchasing homes don’t just see energy efficiency as a bonus; it’s a priority. A representative from your energy supplier can come out and provide some insight into which types of upgrades will deliver the best results.

Water Pressure, Heater and Bathrooms: Your potential buyers are thinking about a lot of factors, and it will change by the buyer, but hot water and good water pressure are pretty much universal priorities. Look for ways to improve the water pressure, and consider investing in a new water heater.

Likewise, bathrooms aren’t just utilitarian. Buyers are looking for a luxe spa experience, even if you can achieve that look with a calming paint color and a few fluffy towels. Think about a simple upgrade, like a new vanity and sink, or replace a dated mirror or medicine cabinet.

Kitchen: Yes, along with adding square footage, a newly-remodeled kitchen is the way to significantly improve the value of your home. But don’t get hung up on it. There is a lot you can do to modernize your kitchen that doesn’t require a massive budget.

Think about replacing appliances that are more than five years old, or put a fresh coat of paint on dated cabinets for an updated look. Install a garbage disposal or a water filter on the faucet. Our team at Dani Beyer Real Estate can give you some insight into which kitchen upgrades will deliver the best results.

Replace the Roof: The roof is one of the most expensive and important areas of the house, and you can count on potential buyers doing some close inspection of its condition. Consider replacing the roof to get a better price on your home. Another option is to include its replacement in the deal, with the new owners choosing the color.

Improving the value of your home isn’t always about spending a huge amount of money. Sometimes it’s spending money in the right areas to create the best possible presentation of your home. Dani Beyer Real Estate is your Kansas City expert in maximizing the value of your home. Contact us today to get started! | + posts