Part 3 learning all about radon in homes with Certified Radon! This video shows just how the radon system works once installed into a home.

What we are looking at here is the actual vacuum gauge pressure. The numbers on this gauge are indicating how much air flow is coming through the pipe. It basically allows us to decide what fans to best put onto the system, to best suit the house, to get the levels down to where we want. The main stack, the whole thing actually is drilled into the floor down at this point to access the gravel bed below the slab. We draw air through the gravel, up the pipe and then out to the exterior portion of the system, where it’s exhausted up into the atmosphere naturally. We seal everything, make sure everything is nice and braced so that nothing moves. Really we’re just capturing all the air from under the house, expelling it outside before the radon levels have a chance to build up into harmful levels inside the home.

Certified Radon

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