Our final video in our series with Certified Radon – learning about all things radon! Now that the home has been tested, and a radon system has been installed, what actually happens to the radon that is collected?

Here on the exterior we actually have our radon fan. If you can tell, it’s actually very, very quiet for the home. This is the actual only moving part on the entire system. This is what creates our suction to pull the gases through the gravel underneath the slab on the interior portion of the home, bringing them up through and discharging up the pipes up above the roof line – to expel it out into the atmosphere where it just breaks down naturally. All we are doing is just creating a big vacuum for underneath the house to pull out the gases before they have a chance to build up into harmful levels. We do install service switches so we can turn these systems off for service, if needed. These systems are actually designed to never turn off. The fans run consistently, they never shut off, they have a lifespan of about 8-10 years.

Certified Radon

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