Check out this video with Certified Radon where they answer the question – what is radon?

I’m Gary Villanova, I’m the Lead Solution Technician for Certified Radon. Radon itself is a carcinogenic gas, it causes the second most lung cancer deaths behind smoking. A big reason we suggest people have their homes tested before buying is just to see what the levels are at and see if there is any action that needs to be taken. Radon comes from the soil, it comes up from uranium deposits down in the earth. As it breaks up as it’s coming through the soil it finds different pathways and comes into our homes where are homes can build it up into harmful levels. Our systems are basically like big vacuums for underneath the home, pulling out all the radon air and expelling it to the outside of the home so that it doesn’t have a chance to actually build up to harmful levels, so you won’t have any exposure to it.

Certified Radon

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