Welcome to part 2 with Certified Radon. Ok, now that we know what radon actually is, how do you test a home to know if the levels may be harmful?

What we have here is our continuous radon monitor. This is what we use to actually detect the radon levels in the home. It’s actually just testing the air within the home that’s containing the radon. These are set before you buy the house, to see what the initial levels are. Then they are set again after the system has been installed, to tell you what the levels have come down to, to make sure the system is functioning properly – and that we’ve gotten the levels down to a safe level below the 4, which is recommended by the EPA. This monitor here checks on hourly increments, so it takes a reading every hour. Your initial radon testing will be 48 hours, after a systems been installed it will test for 72 hours – once again, just ensuring that the levels have come down to the proper point that we want to. EPA recommends mitigation be performed at any levels above 4 – those are considered harmful levels. Our systems usually bring houses down to between 1-2, depending on age and some other factors that go into that. We want our levels to come back below 4 for a successful mitigation system.

Certified Radon

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