HWA Home Warranty helps us understand a few of the most commonly asked questions

Hi! This is Rian with HWA Home Warranty, welcome to part 2 of our series on home warranties with Dani Beyer Real Estate. Today we’re going to talk about some of the FAQ’s of home warranties. What I want to start with is what’s the average cost of a warranty? A warranty is going to be somewhere between $450-600 just for that basic warranty. There are always going to be additional add-ons for coverage that you may have in your particular home like a pool or septic system that you want to add to that. Now once you have a home warranty, how do you get into that claims process. That’s another question we get a lot. Luckily, it’s very simple! If you have a claim, you can call into our claims line or going online to place a claim. Once you place a claim, you’re immediately going to receive information with a contractor that’s going to work with you side by side to get that claim taken care of. At that point – now, you’re probably wondering how do I get a home warranty? The best news of all, your real estate agent – Dani Beyer Real Estate, is going to take care of that for you whether you’re a seller or you’re a buyer. They are there to get that set up for you and to hook you up with someone who is going to support you once you’re in the home, after that move in. Stay tuned for part 3 where I go into what do you look for in a home warranty and also what sets us apart.

Rian Poythress
Account Executive
HWA Home Warranty

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