Happy Thanksgiving from Dani Beyer Real EstateLike many of you, the Dani Beyer Real Estate team has had a crazy 2020 of ups, downs, new experiences, new ways of doing real estate amidst a global pandemic…we could go on. But the month of November always makes us take a step back and think about what we’re grateful for. We hope it does the same for you! Read below to see what our team members are thankful for.

Sarah Montgomery (Lead Buyer’s Specialist) – “I’m thankful for technology, Zoom, Google Meet, HEALTHCARE WORKERS and our inspector who took additional training classes to keep clients safe.”

Tara Gase (Buyer’s Specialist) – “I’m thankful for having mentorship on our team and the opportunity to grow in my new role. I’m grateful for a strong market, great clients and for TEACHERS and how they’ve been adapting to meet the needs of our kiddos this year.”

Melissa Winbigler (Administrative Manager) – “I’m thankful to have Annie on board who was able to help take a lot of work off my plate and grateful for the time spent together with my family and the support of my family.”

Annie Grayson (Listing Coordinator) – “I’m thankful for the team, my job, my health and my family’s health.”

Rochelle Townsend (Listing Specialist) – “I’m thankful to be back on the team, for teachers adapting to virtual/distance learning, the service industry for adapting and doing deliveries and curbside pickups and family meals.”

Kali Moore (Showing Specialist) – “I’m excited for the opportunity to have time to get my real estate license and thankful to join the team, spend some more one-on-one time with my kids and have the support of my family.”

Dani Beyer (Listing Specialist, Team Lead) – “I’m thankful for the extra time spent with my kids including family gym classes, cooking together, eating more meals together as a family (and being able to get drinks to go when we picked up meals from our favorite restaurants!). I’m thankful that everyone has stayed healthy and safe. I’m so thankful for our teachers and healthcare workers and everyone who has stepped up to help others during this time. I’m inspired by other small business owners that have changed the way that they do business in order to keep afloat during this trying year and for those who have found ways to give back to their community.” 

And finally, another note of gratitude from our fearless leader, Dani Beyer: “We are thankful that our CLIENTS have been flexible with changes and trusted us during this time to get them moved. We’re grateful to our stager, our inspector, our photographers, our lenders, our title company for adopting online earnest deposits and facilitating curbside closings to keep everyone safe. I’m also thankful that my team was able to surpass our sales goal for the year (at the end of October, no less!) during a global pandemic – my teammates found new ways to do our jobs from home while still providing amazing service to our clients and keeping everyone safe. They all stayed positive! I’m thankful to my business coach who helped brainstorm creative ways for my team to operate safely.

Bottom line, at Dani Beyer Real Estate, we’re feeling so thankful! Now load up those plates with all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole; take three trips to the dessert table and don’t think a thing about calories, because it’s 2020, and who the hell cares!?

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels
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