If there is one major decision we all need to make at least once in our lives, it is deciding where to live and put down our roots. Of course, you are never going to be stuck to a certain location forever, but this is something you need to consider carefully because it is going to have a massive impact on your overall wellbeing and happiness.

When moving, it’s vital to find a place that provides you with a fun and fulfilling life. With that in mind, continue reading to discover some of the different reasons why Kansas City, Missouri is a great place to live. Here’s what you need to know.

Why move to Kansas City, Missouri?

There are a number of benefits that are associated with living in the Kansas City area. This includes the following:

The abundance of activities

You can find a lot of fun things to do in Kansas City, no matter what neighborhood you decide to live in.

There are lots of fascinating and interesting museums in the area, which can enable you to learn more about the connection that Kansas City has with civil rights, jazz, and World War II.

There are also plenty of different places to go shopping where you will find everything from luxury brands to a selection of unique and exciting vintage shops.

From Country Club Plaza to River Market, you won’t run out of places to enjoy shopping. You can also sample award-winning brews and enjoy a world-famous barbecue.

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Source: Cultivate KC

Family-friendly city

Want to move to a city that is family-friendly? You are not going to be disappointed with Kansas City.

According to WalletHub, the Overland Park area is the best place for families to live in the Kansas City Metro area. There are approximately 20 high schools in the metropolitan area that have spots as some of the greatest schools in the United States according to a study that was conducted by the U.S. News and World Report.

Low cost of living

Another reason why you should consider living in Kansas City is because of the low cost of living in this part of the United States.

Rather than spending your full paycheck on necessities and rent, you will be able to enjoy greater expendable income in the city with a much lower cost of living when compared to other metropolitan and Midwest areas.

Buying a Home

Home prices are historically lower than many other cities and midwest states. Compared to places like Chicago and California, in Kansas City, Missouri you can expect to pay 38%-55% less for a home of equal or greater value.

Kansas City is great for younger people

Kansas City is also an amazing place for younger people. The average age in Kansas City is 38-years-old.

Millennials flock to the downtown areas of Kansas City, like Westport, the Crossroads, and Leawood. Their presence is also increasing the business world. More and more new organizations are being geared toward the younger generation: like, local coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping centers.

You can also walk to art galleries, restaurants, craft, and small breweries from your spot in the downtown area. Residential growth in the downtown area has grown by over 50 percent within the last few decades, resulting in a haven for the younger generation who want to enjoy living in a city without the expenses of locating in one of the bigger cities.

Top Things to Do For Young People in Kansas City

If you’re younger or have a young soul, here are some of the best hangout areas to look into:

  1. Betty Rae’s Ice Cream (super YUM)
  2. Eat BBQ (Our favorites are Q31 and Jackstack)
  3. Loose Park
  4. Legoland Discovery Center (young people go all the time)
  5. Power & Light District (food, dessert, event spots, place to walk around)
  6. Visit Some Escape Rooms
  7. Take photos next to wall murals (super cute for social media)

Employment opportunities

When you are moving to any location, you will want to think about the job prospects there. Unless you are lucky enough to have a remote job, you will want to find some career potentials in the area.

You can be certain that there are a lot of exceptional economic prospects for anyone who moves to the Kansas City area. It has a low unemployment rate at just 3.8 percent. In terms of job growth, Kansas is on par with the national average in the United States.

A big motivator is the bustling software industry. In fact, it has even been dubbed the Silicone Prairie, as it is part of a network of cities that has tech culture bursting from the seams.

Where should you move to in Kansas City?

There are lots of great places to live in Kansas City. This includes places like Brookside, MO, which is a small town in a big city. You also have River Market, MO, which is modern and walkable. What about Overland Park? This is a great area if you are looking for somewhere that is safe and family-friendly. It is situated within just 15 to 20 minutes from the heart of downtown, with just over 183,000 residents calling it home at the moment. Here are some of the best spots in Kansas City to move to:

Waldo Neighborhood

Waldo is a cute community that is situated right on the edge of the center of the city. If you are looking to start over or looking for a new home, this neighborhood will probably be a good fit. With a lot of nightlife, day spas, trendy coffee shops, boutiques, and locally-owned shops, it’s a fun place. The cost of living here is very affordable. In fact, reports indicate that it is 16 percent lower than the average in the United States. This makes it an ideal place for you to find your first property. A two-bedroom property will typically run anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000.

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Source: VisitKC

Volker Neighborhood

Volker is ideal for young professionals without children. Eccentrics and young creatives tend to love it around here. Volker has a diverse and youthful population, offering lots of opportunities for shopping, as well as numerous outdoor parks and a budding nightlife district.

The real estate in this bustling neighborhood in Kansas City consists of plenty of large properties that have been converted into apartments, bungalows, red-brick apartment buildings, and sprawling homes. If you like the freedom that comes with a laidback lifestyle, Volker is sure to be an ideal place for you.

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Source: NextDoor

Overland Park

Families with children tend to love Overland Park, as it is considered a safe and friendly place to raise your kids. It is also ideal for investors or buyers who are searching for a secure, long-term real estate investment.

You will find this beautiful area situated around 15 to 20 minutes from the heart of downtown Kansas City, where it is home to roughly 183,755 residents. Although the area is quite large, it is ideal for couples and young families who are searching for a quiet suburban lifestyle.

Overland Park has a lot of family-friendly activities and local amenities, like the APEX Climbing Gym or Chip’s Chocolate Factory.

River Market

If you value a city lifestyle and/or you are a career-minded young professional, the River Market is an area that is well worth thinking about. This location has been reinvigorated for a new generation of young professionals. This means you get to enjoy urban living weight neighborhood vibes.

Although the area very much has a big city atmosphere, the urban area is still permeated with the comforts of the Midwest, which is an added treat. The biggest Farmers Market, hosted by the City Market, in the region is located here.

Source: Kansas City Magazine

The City Market is also known for offering the best goods and produce on Saturdays and Sundays, giving you Farm to Table in the heart of the city.

The cost of living in the River Market is deemed standard, ranked just one percent above the national average. There are housing opportunities to suit a range of lifestyles and incomes at River Market, from income-based apartment complexes to contemporary properties and stylish lofts and condos.

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Source: ApartmentGuide

Brookside Neighborhood

Brookside offers the familiar comforts of a small town, despite being in a big city. Brookside manages to be a perfect balance; it is blissfully suburban while also being close enough to the action.

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Source: Visit KC

The neighborhood is known for its gorgeous homes, unique shops, inviting atmosphere, and warm feel. At present, there are approximately 11,000 residents that call this part of Kansas City their home. It is great for families as well as young professionals.

Prairie Village Neighborhood

Located right next to Leawood and Overland Park is Prairie Village. It’s a small city that is home to approximately 21,000 people.

The price of houses are around $213,000 on median, making it a rather affordable area. There is an excellent collection of public schools here – 19 to be exact. One of the main attractions to this part of Kansas is that it is so close to the commuter routes that go into downtown Kansas City.

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Last but not least, we have Leawood, which can be described as a bit of a triple threat, but in a good kind of way!

Not only has Leawood been deemed the best place to live near Kansas City, but it is also the best place to raise a family with the best suburb in the state. By listening to what other local residents have to say, you can see that it is a community that is very tight-knit.

The houses are incredibly charming as well, so you will certainly be able to find your forever home here. This area can be described as rather exclusive, with the median household income in the area being $139,000.

Choosing the best place in Kansas for you

If you have decided that Kansas City is the perfect place for you, you then need to narrow down and determine what neighborhoods you’re going to go property hunting in. The devil is in the details here. Figuring out the best place to live is going to largely depend on your needs as an individual. From public school districts to local culture and the cost of living, there is a lot that needs to be taken into account and we can help you to find the best place for you.

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