We can give you all the stats about living in Kansas City. Like, according to a study US News conducted on 150 metro areas in the United States, Kansas City came up as number 22 in the cheapest places to live and number 64 in the best places to live. Or according to payscale.com, the cost of living in Kansas City is eight percent lower than the national average.

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If we could steal the Omaha, Nebraska, slogan, “No coast. No problem.” we would. Kansas City may not be surrounded by oceans or mountains, but it’s no small town. With a population of over 2 million (and growing), and too big to reside in just one state (that’s right – Kansas City is in Missouri AND Kansas), our metropolitan city has a lot to offer. 

You want the bustle of a downtown business district? We’ve got it. You want the quieter life of the suburbs and a short commute to the airport? We’ve got it. You want a charming home with history, corner cafes and neighborhood churches? We’ve got it. You want a highrise close to the streetcar and Union Station? We’ve got it. That’s the joy of living in Kansas City – we’ve got it all! Whatever your living desire or need may be; we can guarantee you’ll find it here. 

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Cost of Living in Kansas City, MO, vs. Kansas City, KS

Even though Kansas City, MO, and Kansas City, KS, are only five miles apart from each other, they are, in fact, two different cities. Kansas City, MO was established first, in 1850, while the Kansas side established itself over two decades later. So why did the city in Missouri use the name Kansas? Because it was actually named after the Kansas River. Aha! Tales tell us that when Kansas City, KS, was established 22 year later, they chose the same city name out of resentment. Who will ever know? But there is some friendly competition that goes on between the two cities, and most people will correct you if you say Kansas City is in Kansas. 🙂 

So since the larger population lies on the Missouri side, is it more expensive to live there? Surprisingly no. Living on the Kansas side of the metro can cost you more money. Here are some quick stats on Kansas City, MO, thanks to US News:


cost of living in kansas city


With the median age of the population being in the mid-thirties, you can know that Kansas City has a thriving arts community, is dedicated to good coffee, beer and BBQ and offers many family-friendly events. 

Just to name a few of our favorites, be sure to check out:




Family-friendly events

All in all, a big midwestern city, like Kansas City is going to have a lower cost of living than Chicago, Columbus or Detroit. Yet, we’re the sixth biggest of the midwestern cities, with all of the culture, tech companies, art and sports teams that you would expect from a coastal city. 

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