Selling your home will be quick and easy when you use these tricks to make a small bathroom feel bigger. Your house has a lot going for it: three bedrooms, lots of windows drawing in the natural light and a beautiful garden that frames the front door in an inviting way. Yet, every time you get excited about selling your home, you wonder if your small bathroom will turn potential buyers off.

First of all, that small bathroom didn’t keep you from buying the house, so think about what you like about your bathroom and consider ways to amplify that charm. Maybe it was the original tile flooring or the silver faucet that caught your eye initially. Or maybe it was that the three bedrooms and garden convinced you that the small bathroom wasn’t such a concession.

Dani Beyer Real Estate can help you amp up the charm in your small bathroom, from showcasing that awesome tile or adding more silver accessories to highlight your faucet.

There are also a few easy steps you can take to make your small bathroom seem bigger and make selling your home easier:

Invite more light: Whether it’s filmy curtains on the window or hanging another mirror, added light can make a space seem bigger. You may even want to simply change the type of lightbulb you’re using in the bathroom to change the feel of the room.

Maximize your space in smart ways: Recessed storage is a good idea in a small bathroom, with a medicine cabinet or shelving that pushes into the wall, rather than out into the room. Think of creative ways to add storage too, like a small shelf over the door or a basket for toilet paper that slides behind the toilet.

Try a pedestal sink: A pedestal sink has little to offer in the way of counter space for soap or toothbrushes, but you’d probably like to keep the clutter to a minimum while you’re showing your house, anyway. A pedestal sink is visually lighter than a vanity and can add square feet to your bathroom’s floor space.

Clear visual clutter: Try stowing away your bathmat during the day, and when showing your house. Removing it will make the flooring seem more expansive and make your bathroom seem bigger. You can also try other visual strategies, like raising the shower curtain bar to the ceiling to make the room seem bigger. If you are contemplating new flooring in the bathroom, a lighter color will make it seem larger, too.

Look for space saving ideas: It might be as simple as eliminating the extra, and sometimes bizarre, things that end up getting stored in the bathroom. From beach toys to extra sheets, the bathroom closet can become a catch-all for items that could be stored somewhere else.

You could also try a more dramatic space saver by removing a traditional door in favor of a pocket door or a barn-style door. By not having a door that swings into the bathroom, you’d have more space for other items.

Selling your home should never be hindered by a small bathroom. With the right tricks, a small bathroom can be a stylish asset to a charming home. Contact us at Dani Beyer Real Estate for more ideas on how you can sell your home fast and for the best possible price. | + posts